Alphabet & Letter Sounds CD&DVD

Discover playful learning with Alphabet and Letter Sounds. Using creative visuals like animals, food, and actions, you'll get phonetically funky! Phonics is essential for all language learners, and this CD will support your child's academic and imaginative skills. Ages 2+


Short Vowel Word Families CD&DVD

Encouraging development of introductory sounds, while fine-tuning pronunciation abilities, Short Vowel Word Families puts the "ot" in "got" it! The unique rhythms on this CD&DVD will have your child singing along anywhere you go. Ages 4+.

Long Vowel Word Families CD&DVD

To accompany our short vowel word families, The Long Vowel Word Families CD&DVD will have your children recognizing the magic of "Silent E." Jump into story worlds filled with silly characters that will have you practicing "OAT" with a goat and "AGE" with a sage. Ages 5+.

Blends and Digraphs CD&DVD

Explore your voice alongside creatively crafted vocals, sure to turn singing into a productive learning experience. The Blends & Digraphs CD&DVD takes letter blending skills and digraph awareness to the next level. Introducing key combinations like "ASH," "OST" and "PH." Ages 4+.

Multiple Sounds and Spellings CD&DVD

Finding it tricky that a combination of letters can produce more than one sound? The Multiple Sounds & Spellings CD&DVD creates a solid foundation for your children, while capturing the joy, discovery, and success that comes from uniting music, phonics, and story.

Ages 5+.

Learning to Read Series 5CDs & 5DVDs Set

Learning to Read Phonics Series has ranked "2nd Most Effective" Learning Resources in the nation by OpenEd, the largest online resource library. Music is the best tool for children to memorize, retain, and  recall information.  Through this 5CDs & DVDs set, your child will learn to read more than 1000 words!!

Learning Island Style CD

Add an island twist to your phonics learning! The Learning Island Style CD&DVD puts the aloha in alphabet, the coconut in colors, and the shaka in shapes. Feel the melodic tunes inspiring beautiful connections to elementary knowledge. Ages PreK+

Multiplication CD&DVD

Multiply your exposure to numbers! Find speed and accuracy in skip counting capabilities, while building fluency with multiples, The Multiplication CD&DVD introduces, and then expands, on essential multiplication skills. Watch your children's confidence soar!

Grades 1+

Let's Learn Japanese

Are you interested in learning Japanese? Here is the easiest and most effective solution for you! This 4CDs, 1 DVD, 1 textbook, 8 workbooks set will teach you Hiragana, Katakana, and basic Kanji with music. Catchy songs will allow you to memorize Japanese alphabet as well as basic conversational phrases! Ages K+

About Let's Start Smart

Let's Start Smart is an innovative way of teaching children.


Let's Start Smart!! was created by the teachers of TLC for Kids.  TLC for Kids is an early childhood enrichment school that teaches children from 1 to 12 years old. Parents trust how beneficial and effective TLC methods are after recognizing their child’s improvements and excellence.  Children love the fun and excitement of learning with music at TLC while becoming confident learners. We would love to give all parents and their children the opportunity that TLC families have.  And so came the birth of Let's Start Smart!!