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5CDs and 5DVDs Learning to Read Set. 

1. Alphabet and Letter Sounds

2. Short Vowel Word Families

3. Long Vowel Word Families

4. Blends and Digraphs

5. Multiple Sounds and Spellings


Your child/student can learn more than 1000 words through fun and exciting music!

Great for beginning readers. Age 3+

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Alphabet and Letter Sounds CD&DVD

1. Funk Alphabet (ABC song with a funky twist)

2. Animal Alphabet (Learn animals with alphabetical order)

3. Food Alphabet (Learn foods with alphabetical order)

4. Action Alphabet (Learn action verbs with alphabetical order)

5. Letter Sounds A to L (Learn letter names and sounds from A to L)

6. Letter Sounds M to Z (Learn letter names and sounds from M to Z)

7. ABCDE Song (Learn the words that start with a, b, c, d, e)

8. FGHIJ Song (Learn the words that start with f, g, h, i, j)

9. KLMNO Song (Learn the words that start with k, l, m, n, o)

10. PQRST Song (Learn the words that start with p, q, r, w, t)

11. UVWXYZ Song (Learn the words that start with u, v, w, x, y, z)

12. Consonants B to H (Learn the consonant letters from B to H)

13. Consonants J to P (Learn the consonant letters from J to P)

14. Consonants Q to Z (Learn the consonant letters from Q to Z)

15. Long Vowels (Learn the long vowel letters and sounds)

16. Short Vowels (Learn the short vowel letters and sounds)

17. Short Vowel Mix (Find the short vowel sounds in words)

18. Vowel Sounds (Learn the different sounds of vowels)

19. What makes the sound "f" (Learn the different spellings of sound F)

20. The different sounds of S (Learn the different sounds of S)

21. The different sounds of X (Learn the different sounds of X)

22. The different sounds of Y (Learn the different sounds of Y)

23. Hard and Soft C (Learn the different sounds of C)

24. Hard and Soft G (Learn the different sounds of G)


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Short Vowel Word Families CD&DVD

1. SS FF TT ZZ Song (You can learn: hiss, huff, mutt, fuzz..)

2. AT Song (You can learn: hat, rat, cat, bat, fat, mat, pat..)

3. ET Song (jet, wet, vet, let, get, pet, net, yet)

4. IT Song (hit, pit, sit, fit, kit, skit, quit)

5. OT Song (hot, got, cot, dot, got, spot)

6. UT Song (cut, nut, hut, but, gut, Tut, rut)

7. AP Song (cap, nap, gap, lap, tap, map, clap)

8. IP Song (nip, flip, drip, snip, skip, trip)

9. OP Song (top, mop, hop, stop, drop, shop)

10. AN Song (man, pan, fan, can, van, bran, clan)

11. EN Song (ten, pen, men, yen, den, hen, glen)

12. IN Song (fin, win, pin, bin, skin, grin, spin, twin)

13. UN Song (nun, sun, bun, fun, pun, run spun, begun)

14. AG Song (bag, rag, tag, gag, hag, nag, wag, sag, flag)

15. IG Song (fig, pig, wig, big, dig, gig, jig, rig, twig)

16. OG Song (dog, hog, log, bog, fog, jog, clog, frog)

17. UG Song (mug, bug, rug, tug, hug, jug, plug)

18. ACK Song (back, pack, sack, snack, black, quack, crack)

19. ICK Song (kick, Rick, sick, slick, chick, trick, quick)

20. OCK Song (sock, rock, dock, lock, clock, block, knock, flock)

21. UCK Song (buck, luck, yuck, muck, duck, stuck, truck)

22. ILL Song (bill, gill, pill, hill, mill, well, spill, quill, spill)

23. ELL Song (yell, tell, well, bell, fell, swell)


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Long Vowel Word Families CD&DVD

1.Silent E (Learn silent E words like kite, cape, cube, tote)

2. Long AE (base, case, vase, gaze, haze, cave, cane, cape, ace, race, face)

3. Long IE (bike, like, hike, kite, bite, five, hive, life, wife, pipe, rise, vine)

4. Long OE (bone, cone, vote, tote, note, code, rode, cove, dome, home)

5.Long UE (cute, mute, mule, cube huge, fume, muse, fuse, tune, June)

6. ATE Song (gate, mate, date, fate, hate, late, skate, plate)

7. IGHT Song (fight, night, tight, light, right, sight, flight, knight)

8. OAT Song (moat, boat, coat, goat, throat, float)

9. EAT Song (heat, meat, seat, wheat, neat, cheat, beat, treat)

10. IDE Song (ride, tide, side, wide, stride, slide, bride)

11. ADE Song (jade, fade, made, glade, shade, trade, grade)

12. EED Song (heed, weed, seed, feed, deed, speed, steed)

13. INE Song (line, nine, vine, mine, pine, dine, shine, swine)

14. ONE Song (zone, tone, bone, stone, throne, clone)

15. AIN Song (pain, rain, main, train, Spain, stain, chain)

16. AIL Song (hail, jail, mail, nail, pail, tail, snail, quail)

17. OLE Song (pole, mole, sole, hole, role, whole, parole)

18. ALE Song (sale, tale, vale, male, pale, gale, whale, scale)

19. AKE Song (bake, rake, make, cake, take, shake, quake)

20. OKE Song (joke, poke, coke, yoke, spoke, broke, smoke)

21. ACE Song (race, pace, mace, pace, space, place, trace)

22. ICE Song (dice, mice, rice, nice, price, slice, twice)

23. OSE Song (rose, pose, nose, prose, chose, close)

24. AME Song (tame, same, name, fame, shame, lame, game)

25. AGE Song (wage, sage, cage, page, rage, stage)


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Blends and Digraphs CD&DVD

1. CH Song (chop, child, cheek, chess, inch, pinch, lunch, peach)

2. SH Song (sheep, shark, ship, shop, fish, dish, wish, push, wash)

3. TH Song (thin, third, thorn, thief, north, south, mouth, path, math)

4. WH Song (who, what, when, where, why, whistle, wheel, whisk)

5. CH SH TH WH (chime, chimp, shape, sheep, thank, think, whale, whiz)

6. QU Song (queen, quilt, quail, quill, question, quiz, quake, quack)

7. TW Song (twin, twig, twist, tweed, twinkle, twenty, twelve)

8. ASH Song (rash, mash, cash, bash, gash, lash, crash, flash)

9. ING Song (sing, wing, king, ring, swing, string, bring)

10. ANK Song (bank, tank, yank, sank, prank, thank, plank, drank)

11. UNK Song (bunk, dunk, junk, sunk, hunk, skunk, trunk)

12. INK Song (link, mink, wink, pink, rink, sink, blink, stink)

13. EST Song (pest, vest, west, test, jest, chest, nest, quest)

14. UST Song (must, rust, gust, bust, trust, thrust, crust)

15. OST Song (cost, lost, frost, post, most, ghost, host)

16. AST Song (fast, cast, mast, past, last, vast, blast)

17. UMP Song (bump, jump, pump, dump, hump, grump, trump)

18. AMP Song (camp, damp, lamp, ramp, stamp, champ, tramp)

19. IMP Song (wimp, limp, chimp, shrimp, blimp, scrimp)

20. LD Song (cold, gold, bold, weld, mold, field, yield, bald)

21. ND Song (wand, band, sand, land, hand, pond, bend, stand)

22. NT Song (ant, tent, mint, bent, dent, giant, plant)

23. PH Song (pharmacy, telephone, autograph, phantom, graph)

24. ASK and ISK (task, mask, bask, cask, disk, risk, whisk, brisk)

25. AFT and IFT (raft, craft, shaft, draft, gift, swift, shift)

26. ELT and OLG (belt, melt, felt, smelt, bolt, colt, jolt, molt)


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Multiple Sounds and Spellings CD&DVD

1. "N" Sound (net, nurse, nail, knock, knife, knee, gnat, gnaw, gnome)

2. CH="K" (chord, school, ache, scheme, chronic, chorus, Christmas)

3. DGE="J" (edge, hedge, fudge, judge, lodge, dodge, badge, ridge)

4. "ZH" Sound (treasure, pleasure, vision, occasion, casual, garage)

5. Y Song (my, dry, fry, sky, why, funny, sunny, penny, candy, handy)

6. Short "OO" (book, foot, good, look, could, should, put, push, bush)

7. Long "OO" (boo, moo, chew, blew, crew, new, clue, glue, true, rue)

8. "AR" Sound (car, far, jar, art, cart, mart, card, yard, hard, bark ,park, dark)

9. "AIR" Sound (hair, fair, chair, rare, care, share, bear, pear, tear)

10. "ER" Sound (perm, germ, stern, stir, dirt, worm, work, worst, fur, surf, burn)

11. "OR" Sound (fork, pork, score, tore, board, hoard, court, pour, four, war, warm)

12. OU and OW (cloud, loud, house, mouse, ground, cow, bow, brown, clown, owl)

13. OI and OY (boil, coil, join, coin, noise, boy, joy, soy, ploy, royal)

14. AW Song (jaw, saw, paw, law, raw, claw, draw, thaw)

15. ALL Song (small, call, fall, stall, hall, mall, ball, wall)

16. Consonant with LE (bubble, puddle, jungle, giggle, bottle, ankle, apple, dazzle)

17. Consonant with L #1 (slam, sled, blue, black, blade, clam, class, climb)

18. Consonant with L #2 (flag, flash, flea, glare, glass, glide, plaid, plane, plant)

19. Consonant with R #1 (drum, dress, drip, frog, frost, fry, crab, cry, crust)

20. Consonant with R #2 (print, press, prize, grin, grab, green, brick, brush, bread)

21. L Blends (blue, black, glass, glue, slide, slow, flat, flaw, clay, clean, plant, play)

22. S Blends #1 (spell, star, stop, swing, swim, splash, scratch, scrub, square, string, spray)

23. S Blends #2 (scoot, scare, sky, skill, smile, smart, snail, snug, sneeze)

24. R Blends #1 (break, drake, green, grass, crack, crash, pry, prince, tree, try, frog, fry)

25. R Blends #2 (thread, throat, growl, grunt, print, press, pray, truck, troll, trip)

26. S Plus R Blends (shred, shrill, scratch, scream, scrub, strange, stripe, spruce, spray)



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Learning Island Style CD

1. A is for Aloha (Learn things you can find in Hawaii!)

2. ABC Song (ABC song with Hawaiian twists)

3. Long Vowel Sounds (Learn long vowel sounds and words)

4. Letter Sounds (Learn 26 letter sounds)

5. Short Vowel Sounds (Learn short vowel sounds and words)

6. Count to 10 (Learn to count to ten in Hawaiian)

7. Count by 10s and 1s (Learn to count by 10s and 1s up to 100)

8. Even and Odd (Learn about even and odd numbers)

9. Skip Counting by 2, 5, 10 (Learn to skip count by 2, 5, and 10)

10. Skip Counting by 2 (Learn to skip count by 2 up to 30)

11. Skip Counting by 5 (Learn to skip count by 5 up to 50)

12. Colorful Picnic (Learn our colors with foods)

13. Primary Colors (Learn about primary colors/red, yellow, blue)

14. Rainbow (Learn about colors in rainbow)

15. Seasons (Learn about our seasons)

16. Days of the Week (Learn about seven days of the week)

17. Month (Learn about 12 months of the year)

18. Direction (Learn about north, south, east, west)

19. Shapes (Learn about basic shapes)

20. Odd Shapes (Learn about oval, diamond, trapezoid, polygon shapes)

21. Opposites (Learn about opposites)

22. Coins (Learn about pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters)

23. Measurements (Learn about different measurements)

24. Clock (Learn to tell time)

25. Aloha Song (Learn about the meaning of word "aloha")


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Multiplication CD&DVD

1. Skip Counting by 2

2. Skip Counting by 3

3. Skip Counting by 4

4. Skip Counting by 5
5. Skip Counting by 6

6. Skip Counting by 7

7. Skip Counting by 8
8. Skip Counting by 9
9. Skip Counting by 10
10. Multiply by 1
11. Multiply by 2

12. Multiply by 3

13. Multiply by 4
14. Multiply by 5
15. Multiply by 6
16. Multiply by 7
17. Multiply by 8
18. Multiply by 9
19. Multiply by 10

20. Multiply by 11

21. Multiply by 12
22. Mirrored Multiplication
23. Multiples 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
24. Multiples 14, 15, 16, 18, 20
25. Multiples 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30
26. Multiples 32, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40


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Let's Learn Japanese! 20% OFF!

You can learn Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and basic conversational phrases with music! Easiest way to learn Japanese. Great for beginners!

Song List:

1. あ行・か行の歌

2. 五十音をおぼえよう

3. さ行・た行の歌
4. ぼいんの歌
5. な行・は行の歌
6. あいうえお音頭
7. ま行・や行の歌
8. いろは歌
9. ら行・わ・んの歌
10. 反対あいうえお
11. あいさつの歌

12. 食べ物あいうえお



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